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Just bake off

Last week the office held a bake off competition. It seems that the big boss is a big fan of baking and thinks all her minions should appreciate baking too. So every time there is some sort of fundraising event, it takes the form of a "Bake off". Perhaps she thinks she's Mary Wrinkleface or something...

Anyway, as I don't usually enter these things, I thought I'd enter into the festive spirit and knock something up. Half a bag of flour and some cooking later I had made a small army of pepparkakor and with assistance from The Wife(v2.0) they were soon wearing standard issue chocolate and hundreds & thousands pants. They looked amazing. So amazing, they were later awarded third prize for presentation.

Which is nice.

Now, usually we buy our pepparkakor from the furniture giant, Ikea, but this year I found a recipe online which worked out well. However, because I'm daft, I somehow managed to make too much ginger bread pepparkakor dough. So much dough that I had enough to make more today.

Surprisingly, they only take a few moments in the oven and taste delicious. Indeed, they are great for the great tradition of making festive winter scenes .

This depicts the ancient festive Baldonwick legend of Ddryffyn visiting the orphans in their woodland hovel on a foggy snowy morning and the detail shows the puddle that Ddryffyn steps into convincing him to return to change his boots. Thus the orphans did feel hungry and were inspired to get jobs in order to feed themselves. I'm sure you're all familiar with this legend so I won't elaborate on the finer detail.
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