Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon (stegzy) wrote,
Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon

Mucky mind

Today, according to Days of the Year, is Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day, which, if you ask me, sounds a bit rude,possibly something GayJamie, Little Gay Chris or aladdin_sane might have come out with to describe some sort of intimate encounter involving a youth and a jar of Nutella. I'm a fan of chocolate but as I'm not a fan of cherries so I probably won't be celebrating this one. BTW it is zoefruitcake writing this as stegzy is making me a fire in the woodburner as it is bloody freezing in here. Anyway he got home from work late, still full of cold but slightly cheered by dinner being ready having been left on timer. Oh the wonders of modern technology.

Back to me now.

First day back at work was difficult in that nobody could be bothered, I was still full of cold so I couldn't be bothered either and to make things worse I've been micro-stressing over a small health issue that has been getting me a little concerned of late but I think a spell of healthy eating and not getting wound up by anything will do me good. I decided a long time ago that I can only get really ill in Liverpool as the University Hospital there is second to none and the one in Northampton has bad Tripadvisor reviews.

While I was at lunch, I was able to see our cleaner do her work today , thanks to our fancy new in-house CCTV, which amused me no end. It made a change to watching people walking their dogs or conducting drug deals in the car park of the Spiceball Park as is my usual lunchtime entertainment.

My new bit of entertainment is leaving comments on abandoned friends journals. Just to let them know I'm still here...

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