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The Existential Compost

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4th January 2017

Lots of bits of useless information @ 20:15

Q1. Did you know that amongst other things, today, according to Days of the Week, is Trivia Day?

Q2. I went to work today. How many speed cameras do I pass on my route into work?

Q3. Can you name at least three villages that I pass through?

Q4. I'm a bit farty today. What gas are farts mostly made up of?

Q5. It is also Tea Drinking month. On my arrival at work this morning what was I rather surprised by?

Q6. I have a fasting blood test tomorrow at 8am. What type of cholesterol in my blood are the doctors concerned about?

Q7. How much is that doggy in the window?
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Date:4th January 2017 21:34 (UTC)
1. Yes, I told you this morning when I read it off the calendar
2. 4
3. Badby, Charwelton, Byfield
4. Methane
5. There not being any tea at all
6. Triglycerides
7. The one with the waggily tail? 250 quid mate
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Date:5th January 2017 20:03 (UTC)
Triglycerides is also accurate. xd I just put the general term of LDL; I wasn't sure which would work. As it is, I've learned a lot about the body and it's workings since I started schooling for Massage therapy; more than I probably need to know, but ya'know.

Granted I'll need the muscles and such and some of how other things in the body works, but.

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Date:5th January 2017 11:37 (UTC)
1. Nope but I do now.
2. How fast can speed cameras run?
3. Nope
4. Laughing Gas.
5. The cleaner doing her lap dance routine.
6. Bad cholesterol.
7. You can't buy it as the cats would leave home.
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Date:5th January 2017 20:01 (UTC)
Q4: Methane
Q5: tea, of course. xd
Q6: LDL. The HDL is the good kind of cholesterol.

We learn that when we talk about the blood in A&P II. The others I couldn't tell you as I've no clue where you live-Ithink I did at one point and have forgotten.

(And no, I didn't know it was trivia day; I played Trivia Crack as I would do on any morning I have a game there. LOL)


The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour