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Today, according to Days of the Week website, is Whipped Cream day. In a house where dairy is mostly off the menu and where there is an imposed Slimming World diet, I am unfortunately unable to gorge myself silly on delicious whipped cream. Which is a shame really as I am quite fond of cream and, as you will read later, I have some cream related news to share.

So for now, instead I will share with you my memory of how, as a child growing up in Woolton, Liverpool, I would gaze longingly through the shop window of Clooks at their daily display of cream filled cakes and deliciousness together with the pronouncement from Les Dawson, Terry Scott and Dick Emery that cream cakes were naughty but nice. Ah, such happy times. I can still imagine the one that had green jelly as well as angelica. Nomnomnom...
Anyway, today I went for some blood to be taken for a test. I was a bit concerned by the need for yet another blood test within 4 weeks but after a chat with the phlebotomist I learned that the doctor wasn't overly concerned with my high triglycerides, but more concerned by the concerning low calcium levels in my blood. Concerned? You bet. Concerning...Especially as I haven't had any whipped cream in ages and whipped cream has a lot of calcium in it.

After learning this, I did what any sensible hypochondriac would do and looked up what having low calcium in the blood could mean. I wish I hadn't. Turns out that it's a condition called hypocalcaemia and, after consulting my colleagues who both actually do have medical related degrees, this is something to be concerned about as it can lead to kidney and heart failure and is one of the many "hidden diseases" as the symptoms sometimes do not always present themselves in situations where they can be identified as symptoms or indicators of the condition.

Long term readers will know I have a dicky ticker already and even longer term readers may remember a passing reference to my genetically anomalous kidneys (I have more tubes coming out of my kidneys than most people meaning I have slightly higher risk of pipe blockage when I get older [beat that stainsteelrat :P], so naturally I'm a little concerned. Especially as I have also presented with leg and chest muscle cramps/spasms, episodes of memory loss (I completely forgot where I was one night driving home from work a few months ago) and a couple of other symptoms I'm not going to talk about in public. Coupled with this, hypocalcaemia is linked to excessive magnesium, zinc and mercury in the diet. Recently I have increased my dietry intake of carrots, cabbage and oats as part of the healthy eating lifestyle I am following. Guess what vegetables and grains contain high levels of zinc and magnesium? And bonus points for the vegetable that is commonly linked to absorption of mercury from contaminated soils?

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