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The Existential Compost

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12th January 2017

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang @ 19:33

Today, amongst other things is Kiss a Ginger Day as mentioned in Hansard and on Days of the Year. It is also Marzipan day (not keen on marzipan, although this might be a dislike in the "black pudding" sense as in I was told I wouldn't like it and I'm yet to be convinced otherwise) and Poetry at Work Day.

In the lighting wholesale industry
Its difficult to write poetry
But amidst the baffles and ballasts,
Shade reducers and lamps
I attempted but nought.

What I have done though is cough, sneeze and snot all over the place. Nearly everyone I've spoken to since Christmas has either just got over or is still going through a nasty cold that seems to have started just before Christmas. Unfortunately, I caught it after during Twixmas as regular readers will recall. And, as it seems everyone in the surrounding area is diseased, the supplies of cold remedies seem to have run dry in shops. Which is fortunate as it is also Pharmacist Day! And so, in an almost synchronous celebration of the day, I have had the results from my blood test.

It seems that despite not working in a coal mine, or eating loads of red meat, fish and drinking vitamin enriched oat milk, my calcium deficiency is linked to a Vitamin D deficiency. As a result the GP I spoke to today has put me an indefinite on a course of Vitamin D supplements. Hurrah! I asked him if, like Wikipedia, WebMD and other "trustworthy" internet sources suggested if this vitamin deficiency was due to an underactive thyroid, to which he dismissed such a suggestion, told me I was very young, that he went on holiday and that I should give up eating healthy.

Ok that last bit might be a slight untruth.
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Date:13th January 2017 06:14 (UTC)
Give up eating healthy?
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Date:13th January 2017 13:43 (UTC)
Totally untrue, that last bit.

Good poetry though

The Existential Compost

Livejournal Flavour