Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon (stegzy) wrote,
Stegzonopolis Gnomicpantalon


I logged out of Facebook tonight.

As a media graduate, I am hyper-aware of how easy it is to buy more stuff influence people through carefully placed stories and manipulate situations through moral panic and misinformation. It strikes me that there is a sinister cabal at work in the world these days. Part of me is screaming that by cutting myself out of my "echo chamber" I am foolishly blithering into a situation where I become ignorant to the "facts" and "truths" exactly what our overlords are trying to engineer. While another part of me is screeching about not being brainwashed by clearly simulated untruths, half truths and carefully structured mythologies generating an air of uncertainty and mistrust in institutions, ideals and governments.

Meanwhile another part of me is concerned that I might actually miss out on that all important item of "acquaintance" news like what Jim had for dinner or how much Bob likes to lick his own elbow or how Sandra has managed to damage a toenail while picking her nose or something that is utterly and totally groundbreaking like someone has mutated into three people or something. And then I think about the happy times that were Livejournal. How much simpler it was, how echoey it became when it was clear I was writing to myself 90% of the time and how disenfranchised people became and bailed out to the likes of Facebonk or Twitnob or whatnot. Was it just that LJ had run its course for the majority? Could it be that the meaningless memes and vacuous knobshitery of later LJ eventually found grace on Facetwit?

Then I realised. Perhaps Facebook and Twitter have finally run their course too. But unlike the refugees from the cold vacant lot of LJscape who made the jump to Twitbook, there is no where for people to jump ship to from Twitbook simply because nothing exists. Perhaps people have now grown tired of self publicity. Maybe they've recognised the dangers of over share. Or maybe it's just now most of us have had our "15 minutes of fame" we no longer crave the attention and want to crawl back into our sleeves of anonymity. I know I do.

As the expectations and demands of a media hungry populace grow and the kindling of political unrest starts to smoulder. My thoughts turn to how resistance movements had long laid the infrastructure to their successes by this time in the historical fights against oppression. I feel cold from the breeze of realisation that someone left the door to fascism open; Wet from the fine mist and drizzle of those who wept at the ease in which tyranny swept to power and mourned the many they could do little to save; Nauseous from the noxious fumes of treachery, deceit and misinformation.

Tonight I logged out of Facebook.
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