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What a lovely day to sit in the garden and enjoy the peace and quiet of rural Northamptonshire! Clear blue skies, flying things in the air, crawly things crawling about and a 13-year-old rotting garden suite rotting away.

I've had that wooden garden suite since 2003 when Mrs Gnomepants Mk1 and I bought it from a bespoke garden furniture builder at that little poncey middle-class garden centre thing near Delamere forest. It looked nice back then in the garden of the new house.

When in Liverpool the furniture was a great place to build snowmen

It came with me on the move to Barnsley in 2007 where it dominated the small back garden. It was put into storage in 2010 then moved to Leamington Spa sometime later where it was ideally placed in the large garden.

Here is the furniture when it was in Barnsley

Sadly lack of spoons to sand the bugger down and then coat the suite in thick furniture treatment resulted in bits here and there rotting and so the time came today to use the Bosch jigsaw to cut the thing up into woodburner sized chunks so that come the cold nights, the suite can serve me one final time by keeping me warm.

Meanwhile we can hope our new garden suite, purchased and erected today, will bring us just as many happy memories.

Tags: barnsley, gardens, leamington-spa, liverpool, material-goods, northamptonshire, photos, places

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