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An unusual British Rural Tradition

Every year, round about this time, during that post Christmas period, amongst the hedgerows and gateways of rural Britain one might be lucky enough to espy the remains of a long standing British tradition.


I know, rather than use council services, I'll just leave all this shit here.

I've got no idea why, at this time of year, in this current age, certain types of people decide to load a van with rubbish (usually in huge laundry bags), old toys, stuff, books, furniture, bicycles and broken bits and bobs and dump them somewhere quiet and rural. What gives? All of this crap anyone who has a wheelie bin can leave it outside for the bin men to take away. Even if you miss a collection, you can wait until the following week or drive it to the local waste dump.  And if you don't have a car or are completely incapable of disposing of your shite, you can contact any council and explain how you don't have the money/ability to drive/sense to put the correct bin out/discretely use neighbours bins and they will usually advise you on how to  dispose of stuff. 

Honestly, it's so much easier (and cheaper) than paying that shifty transit van owing bloke from the pub £20 to take it all away. And I've no idea why this only seems to happen more frequently in January and the weeks around Christmas.  It's as if some dirty scutters in the UK get so monged on Buckie or crack or whatever during the festive period and forget to put their shite out for collection by the bin men. 


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