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To me to you

This isn't an Audi or a BMW or a car that was made in the Midlands

It seems that motor cars in the midlands have some sort of special design where indicators are not fitted or sequenced as standard. Moreover, it seems that the driving test here in the midlands also requires drivers to not use indicators, especially at roundabouts.

It also seems that I am a criminal and will no doubt be punished for my misdemeanour as I have been driving my tax exempt motor vehicle untaxed since March. To be fair, this was entirely down to two things:-

  1. People telling me not to worry and that I'll get a reminder from the DVLA
  2. The Mercedes dealership didn't actually send off the vehicle registration form last year when I took ownership.

I expect to be taken away in irons and sent to Australia by the end of next week.

Ming the Merciless

In other news, sequences of events in the greater world at large have my mind working overtime. From thoughts of groups of underground revolutionaries trying to wake us up from our nefarious government induced slumber to a dark and sinister cabal of right wing fascists having taken control of the worlds governments like in some paranoia riven seventies film starring Max von Sydow. I'd like to think this was some side effect from having a few really strong spliffs twenty years ago, but my work wife Katy says this is ridiculous and that I should try some of her  cakes instead.

My handwriting is a lot less legible

The letter writing project is still ongoing. In case you've forgotten, or in case I never actually said, I am currently undertaking a project where I intend to handwrite letters to a handful of close "friends" who I feel have made no or very little effort to stay in touch with me in the past 5 years or so. So far I've written introductions and codas using a handwriting font in Word while the meaty bits in the middle have all been painstakingly handwritten, with special emphasis on PAIN, when was the last time YOU wrote anything more than a few lines by hand?

The original idea was to handwrite all of the letters, but after a typing out maps to what I was going to say, it seemed easier to just turn the intro and ending into typed bits and then handwrite the bit in the middle but now I've been thinking about using my video production degree to create a short personal film for each of the people I'm writing to. I doubt they'd watch it anyway. 

Me on Reddit

Beyond that I've been spending a lot of time reading Reddit (u/stegzy if you want to find me, not that I post much there if at all), building a city on Cities: Skylines and getting frustrated with iTunes while writing Stegzy's Music Project which is still a thing. I also hear that the podcast Zoe's friend interviewed me for earlier this year is due on the Artshole . I'd publicise it on Fascistbook but I'm trying to take advantage of GDPR and not agree to their terms and conditions so they have to delete my account there without me needing to do so myself.

In village council news, I've been moving their current Weebly based site (awful WYSIWYG thing) to their new site on Wordpress. Meanwhile they've recently had their AGM where the local district councillors announced their impending 4321 bin collection scheme. 

Drugs bin collection days are still to be decided.

The 4321 bin collection scheme runs like this:

  • Every week your food waste bin will be emptied.
  • Every second week your recycled waste will be emptied
  • Every third week your general waste bin will be emptied
  • Every fourth week your garden waste will be emptied providing you pay £35 extra a year.

I thought I was alone in expecting a great rise in fly tipping but one parishioner asked the councillor if they had considered there being a rise in fly tipping as a result of the changes, the councillor looked shifty and mumbled a non-committal reply which may have been a denial or agreement. I'm still not entirely sure. However, speaking to "real people" locally I've noticed there is still a great deal of ignorance about the whole scheme with several seeming surprised that such a change is actually taking place.

Of course this won't matter to me as I will be sent to Australia because of my criminal activities soon...


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